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The Law Office of Ruperto Garcia is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction. We are here to serve you and will listen intently about what you're facing and will come up with solutions that will work long-term. 

Ruperto Garcia has been practicing law since 1987. He brings his varied life and employment experience to his practice. He has been a newspaper editor in the military, a political writer covering Texas state capitol politics, the director of the Mexican American Legislative Caucus at the Texas House of Representatives, and a policy analyst in the Texas Senate. He has worked as a community organizer in the West Side of San Antonio and served as a community outreach consultant with PBS nationally, KLRN in San Antonio, the University of Kansas, the City of San Antonio, and the Annie E. Casey Foundation. His point of view is broadminded and community based. His solutions to problems and situations have been heeded by many organizations and high level individuals. He's here to work for you as your counsel in your time of need. 

Call us to discuss what you're facing. We're here to help.